XM-CIK Z-PRIME – 2019 To Clear

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XM F-Prime is the new CIK-FIA homologated tyre, designed specifically for KZ gear or direct drive engines otherwise known as Vega White

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The new Vega WHITE GEARS UP!

XM Z-Prime is the only tyre designed with SHIFTER Karts in mind but also wear high grip tyres are required.

The XM has always been the worldwide point of reference for quality and consistancy of performance, today it makes another step forward towards RACING PERFECTION.

Thanks to the our experiences over the last three years of homologation, and XM?s presence in national and international races, has led us to the decision of dedicating our XM to the most powerful shifter karts, enabling them to express their maximum potential in all dry track conditions.

XM CIK Z-Prime: 150 km of PURE CONTROL.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Front Size

10 x 4.60-5

Rear Size

11 x 7310-5